Vendor, GSI, and AIO in Project Treble? Explained!

The hype of Project Treble in the Android World may be so happening especially for developer and ROM wanderers. However, for some ordinary Android users Project Treble maybe just a new term that is not so interesting to find out more. There so many technical terms in the explanation which make newbies stop at their first step in their attempt to understanding the meaning. Continue reading “Vendor, GSI, and AIO in Project Treble? Explained!”

Android Project Treble – Definition for Newbie

What is Project Treble in simple words that an Android newbie user can easily understand? What is it for? This article will aim to that direction. Just assume this basic terminology definition as a guide for newbie. You may also call it as Project Treble for dummies, despite does not mean who read this article are dummies. Our point is that everyone who read this article will get easy understanding on Project Treble. Of course, we are not going to make this article too advanced. Just a simple definition and what is the Treble for. Continue reading “Android Project Treble – Definition for Newbie”