What is Magisk?

You may have heard the term “Magisk” a few times. What is this thing and why should you need it? This article talks a little about it. Just a basic and fundamental one without those complicated issues. This Android 101 article is, for sure, destined for newbies.

In simple terms, Magisk is an open source solution to gain root access on your Android device. This thing is huge now with the discontinue of SuperSU. The big difference lays on its ability to hide the root status of your phone. It means once rooted, you can select which apps allowed to gain root access and which don’t. Even better, you can hide the root status to be known by any apps you want. For instance, mobile banking apps and games like Pokemon Go won’t work on a rooted Android phone (or tablet). Thanks to its systemless rooting mechanism.

Wait, what??

Yes, this thing has its own magic to bypass SafetyNet check. We won’t talk about it any further of it may violate our “101 for newbie” rules. Just a short information, it is a security mechanism that has been put in place by Google to keep services like Android Pay secure. Hence, it leaves users having to choose between root access and valuable services.

The app is developed by Topjohnwu, a Taiwanese developer.

Magisk is not a usual app you could install it through File Manager on your device. It requires a custom recovery like TWRP or RWRP. Hence, it can only be flashed on a device with bootloader unlocked.

Magisk is compatible with many devices including Xiaomi, Samsung, HTC, One Plus, Huawei, Honor, LG, Lenovo, Vivo, and even Google Pixel.

Another great thing about Magisk is the support of plethora modules through its Magisk Manager. It is an UI-based app to manage the root access on your phone. Initially, the manager app was shipped separately. Luckily, it now comes bundled within the Magisk zip file since v16.3.

Key features:

  • Pass Google’s SafetyNet tests or root systemlessly.
  • Make use of banking and security applications on rooted devices.
  • Use open-source root solution to root any Android device.
  • Manage root permissions.
  • Modify the software without tampering with the system (vendor) partitions.
  • Make use of the fingerprint scanner to allow superuser requests.
  • Remove kernel features like force encrypt and dm-verity.
  • Add third-party features by using Modules.

Some popular modules are Busy Box Installer, AdBlock, Action Launcher, Api2 Enabler, and many more.

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Is using Magisk safe? It should be safe. Nevertheless, do check the Internet on its compatibility for specific device variants and see what others have said.

Where can I download it? You can head to our Magisk-dedicated download page here.

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